BLACK Natty case
BLACK Natty case
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BLACK Natty case

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Looks good? Feels even better! That is why Natty iPhone case was nominated as hottest iPhone case of 2019🌟🌟🌟🌟

NATTY hands-free iPhone case will let you keep your phone closer to your body in a stylish way. The phone case is attached to the adjustable cord, which will allow you to keep both of your hands-free and still be connected. Therefore #GetNatty , go explore, multi-task and never worry about losing your phone again.

BLACK design is simple enough to be a tiny addition to your OOTD and smart enough to become your necessity to your daily rituals.

 Easy to wear
 Simple design 
 Drop protection
 Adjustable cord design
 1m length necklace

Did you know that we had around 22 samples until we got to produce such a high quality case as it is now?? Durable, Adjustable with strong grip and cord to protect your phone while you are multitasking 🙌